Game Dev Log: Quatre

I’m starting to have some fun lately while creating this game and it’s all due to making these crazy enemies! I made it possible for enemies to steal the player’s gems throughout the level. There’s one level in particular that I finished making the other day that I absolutely love. The player is up against an enemy coming at them from the opposite direction trying to take out the player and steal gems. It’s Joebar’s version of playing chicken. It so cool to make stuff like this! If the enemy takes your gems that’s it. You have to play the level over to try obtain those gems. Gems are key! I won’t go into many details but it’s very important to get all the gems you can on every level. Gems are like money in Joebar.

These enemies are taking an active role in my level development. I made 30 so far. Some are variations but overall technically unique. No enemy has the same exact design. I think adding this new element to the game will truly make it unique and stand out. I’m still thinking about the backstory but I have two ideas in mind and it’s all about how obsessed they are with gems.

There’s a lot of stuff I have to do outside of level creation and I’m starting to wonder if I should tackle that first and save creating levels for last because it’s challenging but the most fun I’ve had so far while making this game.

I have a deadline to finish this game by the end of August. It’s insane how far behind I am. I wasn’t able to get much work done over the weekend because I was reeling from side effects after getting my 2nd and thankfully last covid shot. I have to really push myself to finish this game by that deadline. It needs to be up by September at least so I can dedicate the last three months to advertising. I don’t have a big advertising budget but I hope the little bit I have helps market this game. I’ve been reading and some developers spend thousands of dollars in advertising. It’s overwhelming because I don’t have that much money to spend. If I had it… I would definitely put as much money as possible into this game for sure! I have an idea on how I want to advertise the game. I’m also thinking about doing live streams of level creation and playing certain levels of the game.

In the back of my mind, I know this game is going to be look like trash to everyone. It hurts my heart so much because I’m really trying to make something great. Every day is a struggle to keep going but I do love these moments when it feels so sweet to work with color and create something new. So many ifs… If only I was an expert at coding, I could make this game on Unity and wouldn’t have to worry too much about performance issues or the software randomly crashing when making new levels.

I know at the end of the day the only thing that matters about this game is my dad. I wish with every fiber of my being that he knows what I’m trying to do and that maybe he likes the game. I wish I knew what he was thinking at this moment. If he exists somewhere out there in the universe or in the beyond or somewhere. I wish I could talk to him right now. He would steer me in the right direction for sure with this game. Well… just thinking about all that, I have to get back to making this game for him.  🙂

P.S. I found a new wordpress theme, free… (shocker…) that I actually like. The only drawback is that it doesn’t have any animation and I can’t customize the homepage.  I love the background design and I adore red so much. I might keep this theme but if I can find something that looks like this but has more customization elements and some animation then that would be wonderful! I’m still looking on themeforest for that perfect theme. I may have to get a custom made theme but I don’t want to venture down that road until the game is already up.