Game Dev Log: Cinq

I recently created a color patch template for level creation. Creating a template to designate colors for specific objects really helps with cohesion. It helps me visualize how the overall level will look and it’s easy to compare different colors when paired. Plus it gives me focus while building levels. There’s a little bit of french (numbers only). I’ve been learning the language for a few years. In my bbdoc., I have every level, character, and most objects labeled in French. I try to write in French as much as possible, especially while making this game. The template below is the third level for the green world in the game. There are five different color worlds in the universe that’s Joebar. Green is one of them and honestly… I hate this color. Every level I create in this world will be a challenge. I’m trying to stick to a synth wave/pop theme for this game. Synth pop music and colors…. I absolutely adore SynthPop. It has a nostalgia futuristic feel that I love so much. Another color I am not a fan and finding a struggle to work with is Orange. Strange because orange is very close to red and it makes it even more of struggle. I found some really good hues to work with but they were too borderline red to actually use as a dominant world color. Same with making red levels… I thought it would a walk in a park to make levels in red. It is to some degree but when stumbling across those borderline orange hues, I suddenly feel frustrated.

However… it’s wonderful to constantly have a challenge when it comes to color. I love to blend colors that may appear odd. If it’s bold and speaks to me in some way, I have to use it! Color… it just pulls me into this wild, electric ride filled with wonderful saccharine moments. I simply love it! I’m working on levels 11 to 20 and I created all color patch templates. I just have to plug in the enemies and custom UI. I plan to finish every level except 18 very soon. I’m hoping to have all levels complete by Monday. Hoping…

I need to dedicate separate days to working the cafe’s. Each one is going to be different. If I stay on course. I can start working on theĀ  second cafe on Sunday. I have to stay focused!

I’m also making an experimental world for one character in the story. I’m going to go crazy with that world. Lots of bold and weird color combinations. It’s very important to main plot of the story. There’s still so much I have to do and I really want to finish this game by September. It’s Friday night… I plan on doing close to an all nighter. Minimum 4am… Must keep working!