Game Dev Log: Trois


I’m in the process of creating an enemy database. This is a new development. I’m creating all enemies in blender. All enemies, well most… will have an abstract twist. A custom abstract design that I am having a lot of fun creating at the moment. The creation process (excluding the hiccups last year) is so much fun. The optimizing process was horrible. I thought it would be cool to have enemies that look very weird. It’s all part of Joebar. Just an abstract chaotic world filled with lots of eccentric color blends.

I recorded myself making an enemy. It’s a building that’s an enemy. Well.. Everything that’s in a level that’s not a gem is going to be an enemy except for secret levels. I will post the video, once I get the YouTube channel up and running. I thought making this video gives anyone an inside look of the creation process in blender and it won’t add any spoilers to the game. I am still very new to blender. I’ve only been working with the program for less than a year and there’s so much you can do with that program. I don’t think I’ll ever be out of “beginner” status with blender, lol. Still… it’s so much fun to make enemies. I’m happy to go down this path. I was originally going to make all my enemies in Buildbox but blender gives me more options. At this point, except for levels one and two, and possibly three, all enemies will be made from blender. As of now, I created 15 enemies for the game. I’m going to stop at 20 for part one of the game. I plan to launch at least 54 to 63 levels of the game. After a few months (hopefully), I would like to publish 100 levels. I’m thinking about ending level 63 on a cliffhanger. Personally, I don’t like cliffhangers but I think it would be interesting to end the game that way before the next update. Maybe… I am not sure.

I’m thinking about having all the enemies be part of the Kebster brigade. Kebster is a play on my initials “KEB”. These enemies represent challenge and adversity throughout Joebar. I’m thinking about a central story but there’s one enemy I created that has an appearance of a huge boss so maybe I can work with that enemy and build something that can add more to the game. It’s all very new. Enemies had no story in the beginning but now blender is opening my eyes to something different. I really do love blender.

At the moment, I finished creating 10 levels for the game and started putting together color schemes for the next 3 levels. After I finish creating 20 enemies, I will continue level building. July is going to be a busy month. I really want to finish the first part of this game by the end of July. It’s an insane goal but I think I can do it. I have to stay focused. Listen to lots of Synthwave and just go for it!

One more update…. I’m looking for another WordPress theme for this website. I want to find something very colorful with a bit of animation. Once I find something, I will take some time to update this website. Though… I highly doubt anyone will notice the downtime, lol. I guess this website will be under construction until the game comes out.

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