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As the creator of JOEBAR, I wanted to feature a game development blog to document creating the game.  I guess the best way to start this blog is an introduction. I wanted to make this game to explore my love for color and to make something in memory of my father. For the last 8 years, my primary focus was creating abstract art and during that time, I explored many different aspects of color. I absolutely love bold colors. I also love to play video games. I am a huge fan of final fantasy. In July 2020, I made the decision to make to game that’s all about my love for color and games.  JOEBAR is my very first attempt in making a large game. I made two other mini games while learning how to use Buildbox. I watched a lot of tutorials, live streams, lurked on forums, trying to learn as much as possible. I want to make this game very beautiful. Color is the main focus. At the moment, I aim to make level 54 levels and after a few months build the world of JOEBAR up to 100+ levels. I would love to make over 500 levels some day as there are infinite depths of color.

I’m not going to show much of the game before I publish it. After I publish the game, I will show much more content. My first deadline in publishing this game was today since it’s my dad’s birthday. Since I’m not done creating the game, I wanted to have the website up today.

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